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Summer Days With No - Name Kid

Title: Summer Days With No - Name Kid
Author: @MJMG
Language: English
Status: Completed

Summer is my favorite season. As a twelve years old kid living in a city, I will spend my summer vacation at my dead grandparents' place here in the province. It takes many hours to drive from my parents’ house here
  Every morning, the sun was like a big ball of fire with a warming smile that gives a wonderful mood to all the surroundings. A breezy air that wipes all my hair to my face as the plants and trees are swaying while the birds and insects produce music. However, this beautiful and feeling of happiness from my surroundings is not keeping me from the loneliness I feel.

  Although I am with my parents, still, I felt alone because my parents are busy taking care of our farms. I just left the house with prepared food on the table. They left me alone, trusting me that I can take care of myself.

  If only my grandparents are still alive, they will take care of me.

Our house was far from the neighborhood but there is one house near that is now empty. I still remember there was a couple who lived there with a son that I think the same age as me but we never interacted, not even once. Only my parents interacted with them then after they just tell how nice our neighbors are and have a sick son which is why he never goes out. I do not even remember their names anymore because it was a long time ago.

  Wearing my summer dresses, every day, I always go to my so-called sacred place. In the middle of a little mountain, an old tall tree has planted with lovely green grasses under it. With my writing tools, I will sit under the tree and start to write what my mind and imagination tells me to. I always love to write stories just as my grandparents were.

  I remembered when my grandparents are still alive before I sleep at night they always told me a story. About after-life that when a person is dead, their spirits will become stars, and when you see a shooting star, that star will be reincarnated again in the world. This story was one of my favorite stories that my grandparents told me.

  This is my usual as days go by, but one day, it is different. Under my sacred tree, there is a young boy sleeping. It surprisingly sees someone in this quiet neighborhood though he seems familiar.
  I stood in front, watching him sleep. He suddenly spoke with his eyes close, “Are you going to stay there watching me sleeping?” he said as he opens his eyes and looks at me.
  I was startled at first but then irritated about what he said, “What are you talking about? Who are you and why are you here? That is my place!” I shouted.

  “He sighed, “Then what about it? Is not like I will disturb you to write or something.” he answered coldly, “Just do your thing, I will sleep here.” He added.

  I walk away after I looked at him irately and said, “Fine. I just go back to my---“

  “I thought you feel lonely?” he asked as I stopped walking, “Am I right, Gianne?”

I immediately turn to him in shock, “How did you know my name?” I asked.

  He did not answer but instead of pointing out my notebook, I was holding. I look at it and my name printed on the cover of it but how did he know what I feel?

  His face turns into sadness, “I just want to be here but you want me to go away, then---“
  Before he walks away, “Wait!” I run to him, “I-If you want, you can stay here but don’t disturb me!” I shyly said to him as I rush to sit at the back of the tree where it was the opposite of his spot.

  It was an awkward silence. Is this what it feels like of meeting a stranger? I never tried to be friends with anybody. What am I supposed to do now?
  I close my eyes and take a deep breath then decided to just open my notebook and start to write like I usually do here.

  “Hey, what are you writing?” he suddenly asked as I almost drop my pen on the ground in shock. He is now sitting beside me and as his look on his face expecting me to answer his question.
  “Random things and stories, I guess.” I answered, “By the way, what’s your name?” I asked.
  Then sudden silence, “It is better to not you know.”

  “Why? Is it because you have an ugly name? Are you ashamed of it or your parents don’t give you a name but that’s impossible, right?”

  He just laughed at me, “You’re still a child but you easily forget things, haha!”

  “Ha? Have we met--- but of course, not. Never mind, if you are not going to tell me. I’m not going to ask you anything.” I said.

  “Just to look at the pages, you have written a lot already. Would you mind sharing it with me?”

  He seems so interested. I want to share my own written stories but he may easily get bored because as a young kid who writes stories might think that people may read it will immediately feel uninterested. 

What if I will just tell him about a story from my grandparents, I’m sure that he will be interested in it as I was.

  “Maybe next time but I got one story from my grandparents that I know.” I proudly said to him.
  “What is it?”

  I fix myself and start to talk, “Do you believe in reincarnation?” I asked first as an introduction to my story.

  “I presume, yes.”

  “My grandparents always tell me this story every night before I go to bed that these supernatural events in life are connected to the stars we see at night. The spirits of dead people will become stars watching their loved ones below them. If shooting stars and meteor showers happen, that’s the time when the spirits that became stars will be reincarnated. That’s it, how cool and fascinating right?”

  He nodded his head as he responded, “Actually, I already heard that story from my grandparents too but there is a part of your story that is different from what they told me.”

  “What about it?”

  “We are same about the spirits of the dead people will become stars if they died but about in shooting stars and meteors showers they told me that, that is where the spirits return to their body again because they are not ready to be stars. Those falling stars are the spirits who left their body but still not died.” He explained.

After he finished his version of the story, I suddenly feel grieve for what happened to my grandparents last year, “So that’s why I haven’t seen any meteor showers or shooting stars after they died because my grandparents are not going to return to life anymore.” as my tear falls down in my cheeks.

  “I’m sorry to hear that.” 

  “No worries. I just miss them so much. They both died last year in a car accident. Now that they are gone, no more bedtime stories, no kisses, and hugs. My summer turns into loneliness.”

  He stands up and looks at his smiling face, “Well, not this time.”

  After that, every day we see each other under our sacred place playing and talking about random stuff, and especially we shared our grandparents’ stories as we came up to make our own story. As soon as days passed, I still do not know much about him.

   One night, my parents and I eat dinner together. I decided to tell them about this new kid that I became friends with him. Of course, my mom and dad are happy but as soon as they asked about him, I do not know what to say because every time I opened our conversation about ourselves, he changes the subject that he did not know I noticed it.

  I don’t even know what to call him. Nevertheless, I am super happy to have him as a friend because I do not feel lonely when my parents are away from work. 

We are both walking to go near the cemetery where my dead grandparents buried after we collected flowers for them, “Are you not scared of going to the cemetery?” he asked, “Or see a ghost?”

   “No. What would I? I think it’s better to see ghosts especially the ghost of my grandparents.” I answered then I heard him sighed and looked at him smiling, “Why are you smiling?”

  “Nothing, I’m just glad to have a friend like you.”

  “Huh? You are a bit weird but you’re welcome. The feeling is mutual, I guess.”

   We smiled at each other. After a few minutes of walking, we arrived at the cemetery and go to the tombs of my grandparents. After prayer and talking to them, we went back to the tree to rest. The sun was about to set but my parents still not home, I can our house up here, I couldn’t see our car arrive yet.

  “Hey, aren’t you supposed to go home now?” I asked him a trick question, maybe he accidentally tells me his address or where he lives.

  “You want me to go home now?”

  “I mean maybe your parents are finding you now. They might scold you.”

  His face became serious, “Actually, they are waiting for me.” then change into a smile.

  “Then why?
  He looks away as his smile makes me feel sad for a mysterious reason,” Don’t worry, I will return back home…” he said, “still hoping.”

  I don’t know but I feel weird about what he just said. Then I saw our car just arrived home. It’s time for us to go home. We goodbye to each other and run down from the mountain but when I look back to see him he just vanished too fast like he has superpowers or a ghost-like he usually does.

  At first, I find it unusual but maybe he just runs so fast down to the other side of the mountain because that is the way to his home. I don’t know.

  I greeted my mom and dad. As usual, my mom cooks dinner while my father and I waiting for the dining are watching her cooking while listening to the radio. Just about, I tell my dad and mom about my friend again, I hear the news on the radio about the event that I almost jump in excitement.

  “The much-awaited meteor shower will occur. NASA stated that on the 25th of the month it would happen. Don’t miss out!” the reporter said.

  “Mom, Dad, can we watch it together?” I pleaded to my dad.

  “Of course, our sunshine. You seem very excited about it! Really got your grandparents’ interest.” said dad.

   “It’s not only that, but I want you to meet my friend also. I told you before, we have the same interest too.”

  My dad's face becomes serious, “Dad? Is there something wrong?” I asked.

  “It’s nothing Gianne. It’s strange that a friend of yours is quite my---”
  “Just tell her the truth, Eujin.” said, mom.
  I looked at both of them in confusion, “What is it?” I asked.
  “Look, Gianne. Your friend… he’s not real.”
  “What are you saying this dad? I don’t understand.”

  My mom walks at me. She sits down beside me, holds my both wrist, and looks at me worried like I am sick or crazy, “We do not tell this to hurt you, we just concern about you.” I removed my mom’s hand from my wrist repeatedly telling them that he is real, that he’s with me all along while they at work, that he makes me happy.

  All I can hear them telling me that he is not real. They told me that when the first time I told them about my friend, they instantly feel strange that how I can have a friend in this quiet neighborhood. They secretly watching me and all they can see was me, playing and talking to myself as if he was my just creation my imagination.

  “It’s our fault, we supposed to take care of you but---“

  “I am not crazy! He is real! He is my friend. He is the one who makes me feel that I am not alone when you are gone. He stays with me, making me happy.” I shouted as my tears fall from my eyes.

  Before they can say a word, I quickly go to my room. Locks the door and cried out in my bed. Three days passed by, I didn’t feel like talking to my parents about what happened. I did not go outside.

  But I miss going to the mountain. So afternoon, before the day becomes night, I go outside, at the slope, I saw him standing and waving at me. I want to wave back at a smile but I just couldn’t. All I can think of was what my parents’ said to me that night.

  I just silently seat under the tree that causes him to ask about it, “I was waiting--- Gianne, what’s wrong? Why are you sad?” he asked in a concerned tone.

  I look at him in the eyes coldly, “Are you even real?” I asked without hesitation.
  A sudden silence as the wind wants to intervene with us, “What do you want to believe in?” he questioned me back.

  “I don’t know. I don’t even know what to think anymore.”
  “But whatever happens, we still are friends right?”
  He turns back to me and walks away but before he could far away, “Friends! We are friends.” I shouted then he turns his face to me, smiling.

  “I know.”

  “Where are you going?” I run to him, but he did not answer then I remember about tomorrow night’s event, “Before you go, let’s watch the meteor shower together ok, promise?”
  “I promise.”

  However, the night that we are supposed to watch the meteor shower, he did not come. Not even his silhouette or shadow shows up. As the meteor shower is happening as my tears fell down. I ran to my parents hugging them in sadness and pain. 

My parents were right but a part of me was still believing that maybe he didn’t show up because something comes up with his family or something that happens to him that day but the following summer days I spent, he didn’t show up until we got back home in the city.

  My parents spent most of the days with me. They make sure, that I will not feel alone anymore. Twelve years later but I did not forget about him, those summer days I spent.

  I am now part of a publishing company, a famous fictional writer, and rarely spent my vacation because of the tons of work but fortunately, my superior approved my request for temporary leave. Sitting in my red blanket and surrounded with food, I am waiting for the sun to set to witness another meteor shower. I know it sounds crazy now as an adult, but I am wishing now to see him again.

  “How I wish you’re here with me watching this beautiful thing, my friend,” I whispered.
  The meteor shower starts, I stand up and amaze by what I’m seeing. They’re just like glitter from the sky. Then a sudden memory pop inside my head, “We are the same about the spirits of the dead people will become stars if they died but about in shooting stars and meteors showers they told me that, that is where the spirits return to their body again because they are not ready to be stars. Those falling stars are the spirits who left their body but still not died.”

  “How lucky those spirits are. They still have the chance to return to their bodies and live.” I said and smiled.
  “So am I, Gianne.”
  A voice of a man makes me startled to look at my back. A tall handsome man… resembles my friend from my childhood. I want to talk and respond to him but my tongue tangled, not able to talk straight.
“B-But, h-how?” 


  “Remember, about our promise? Here I am. Are you not happy?”
  I cannot believe it. All I can do was smile at him.
  “Sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name is…”
  This no-name kid was now, “Elijah.”

---------------------------------------------------- THE END -------------------------------------------------

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