Monday, 4 January 2021

Living With My 7 Ex In 1 Roof


What if makita mo ulit ang mga "EX" mo?
From your first love to your new Ex?
Worse, is you can be with them in the same house.
Not one, but your 7 "EXES."
Pitong lalaki na naging bahagi na ng buhay mo.
Nakakasira ba ng ulo o ng puso?

Is there any possibility that you will fall in love with one of them again,
or vice versa, they will fall in love with you again?
Does it make sense that they can just be your friend?

Does it make sense that you are still inlove with one of them?

Title: Living With My 7 Ex In 1 Roof
Author: @chrexziah14
Language: Filipino/English
Status: n/a



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