Wednesday, 11 November 2020

My Wife Is My Father's Mistress (R-18)

Title: My Wife Is My Father's Mistress
Uploaded by the Author: ilocanogamin
Language: Filipino/ English
Status: On-going

Elyssa, a woman who loved and hurt by the wrong person. When her heart reopens, will she fall in love with the wrong person again?

Si Alyjah, nasaktan sa kinahinatnan ng kanyang ina. Poot at galit ang itinanim niya sa kanyang puso. Mababago kaya ito ng isang wagas na pagmamahal?

Si Lauro, nagmahal kahit pamilyado. Gustong balikan ang babaeng sa kanya'y bumuo.

They will all be associated with a marriage. But there is a deeper relationship that will gradually be cultivated.

Branches of love and hatred will remind them of the lessons of today and yesterday. 

Can they tolerate and love completely, if they are shrouded in a mystery and secret?

Who will find happiness?
Who will fall into sorrow?
Will a pure love set them free?

WARNING: The story contained scenes of extreme violence, sexual content, nudity, and strong language and should not have been viewed by young children.

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